Jesse Moulding 9th April 1879 – 15th July 1965


In memory of a Southdown shepherd and great Grandad, who I never met 


no longer a lonely poppy

‘W’orld ‘W’ide ‘W’eb

To celebrate twenty years of the World Wide Web here’s some Hawaiian music. On April 30, 1993, the Web went public for everyone to use (for free)

Sarah Nelson (aka Listen With Sarah) World Wide Hula

…”the longest abbreviation in the world, the “www” phenomenon, which is a collection of people saying “www” with varying seriousness to more laid-back tropical luxury, and (Andy) Kershaw again in various snippets that lead into a sunny jungle dance intrigue. It all makes up this World Of Listen With Sarah EP, and it’s all in a day’s work for a beacon of UK underground mischief…”

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My artwork needs your votes

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I decided to attempt some computer art for the project ‘Secret7

Secret 7’’ have invited creatives from around the globe to take inspiration from 7 different tracks by Nick Drake, Public Enemy, Jessie Ware, Nas, HAIM, Laura Marling and Elton John and design an original 7 inch vinyl sleeve.
One copy of each design selected will then be produced and exhibited in East London for over a week in April.
The project culminates on Record Store Day when the 700 one-of-a-kind vinyl will be available to purchase, with all of the profits going to the charity Art Against Knives.
None of the buyers will know who created the sleeve, or even which song it’s for, until they are holding it in their hands – the secret lies within.

With this in mind, rather than be inspired by the individual songs having walked around town with my camera also trying to find something to photograph in relation to the songs, I ended up taking pictures of the many empty shopfronts.
I had previously dreamed of owning my own recordstore and in years gone by had often come across the occasional empty shell of a store and wished if only I’d some money that could sell records rather than be standing there idle and unwanted.

So my idea:- each artist would get its own special ‘Sectet7’ store (one of the empty shops I used happens to be the very shop my early collecting started at) although unfortunately I only managed to finish five before the deadline. Speaking of deadlines now you lovely people have the opportunity to vote on the many designs at

including mine here~

and all the others for each artist~

And remember to keep posted with and in April visit the exhibition, donate and just maybe buy an artwork you can also play

hard times of old england retold

Been learning this as part of a Southdown folk song workshop tonight (down the pub!) and thought it was apt with the possible demise of yet more local shops from big named retailers.

Here are updated lyrics by Billy Bragg

and Chumbawumba

NYE special megamix edition 2: Mission Impossible – A Pieter Joosten mix

NYE special megamix edition 2: Mission Impossible – A Pieter Joosten mix.

Six Songs of Me,20832,20756

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